About Us

Welcome to Online Premium Trading.

At Online Premium Trading, we believe that customer service is important. Without customers our online stores wouldnt excist. However we also believe that cost of the products that we sell should also be comparable to other sites. Proving to the world that you can have decent prices and excellent customer service is one of our goals.

Online Premium Trading all started in business in 2005 with the online adult store Delights of the Flesh. Starting out with just a few thousand products and only a few wholesalers the site has now grown to (as of April 18, 2010 at 5:19 AM) over 12,000 products and about 12 wholesalers. The site now keeps in stock a wide range of Anal Toys, Dildo’s, DVD’s, Magazines, Lingerie, Strap-ons and Vibrators which are shipped world wide.

In 2008 we started up another online store called Ageless Artifacts. Selling a wide range of Museum Reproductions and Incense and burners. Like the Adult store we ship the orders world wide and cover a wide range of Religious Statues.

In 2010 We Started the third store in the chain, specalising in selling Gothic and New Age items, The Esoteric Emporium will also sell products world wide, however it became apparent that running the three online stores together is going to be difficult with three seperate Paypal accounts and multiple bank accounts. Sortly after we started working on The Esoteric Emporium we also registered the business name Online Premium Trading and made that the banner which all the other business we run fall under. With the accounts changed to Online Premium Trading this allows us to save money on bank fees and also gives the customers of the adult store so adminity. Instead of on their bank statements saying the name Delights of the Flesh the bank statements now will show Online Premium Trading.

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